Disney's Frozen Jr. - January 17 - January 18, 2020

A&M Consolidated High School


Crew Members & Administration  
Backstage Crew  
Melissa Wivagg
Julia Matous
Jorja Spahr
Bella Bramwell
Taylor Schremp
Selah Sewell
Light Board Operator  
Tatum Bennett  
Sound Board Operator  
Audrey Keough  
Fly System  
College Station HS Theatre  
Hair, Makeup and Costume Team  
Emma West
Stephanie Heath
Victoria Carter
Savannah Barrera
Assistant Stage Manager  
Bostyn Beal  
Stage Manager  
Reese Adams  
Special Lighting FX  
Thomas Muhn  
Directors, CSHS Theatre  
Beth Creel
Stacy Erskine
Dinner Director & Advisor to the Director  
EJ Adams  
Music Teacher  
Toria Palmer  
Band Director  
Noelle Adams  
Art Teacher/ Large Prop Construction  
Robert Houchins  
Principal's Secretary  
Ashley Hayes  
Assistant Principal  
Brittany Cain  
Kellie Deegear  
Director of Fine Arts  
Eric Eaks  
Superintendent of Schools  
Dr. Clark Ealy  
Assistant Directors  
Joshua Zehnder
Drake Lane
Choreographer, Front of House Decor & Assistant Director  
Denise Gary  
Music Director/Orchestra Director  
Sarah Campbell  
Roy R. Rodriguez  

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