Disney's The Little Mermaid - April 08 - April 10, 2021

Blue Valley West High School

 Who's Who 

  • Mihir Apte head shot

    Mihir Apte

  • Rodrigo Flores-Luna head shot

    Rodrigo Flores-Luna

  • Will Prehn head shot

    Will Prehn

    Will Prehn (Chef/Sailor) is happy to be doing his 6th-ish show at Blue Valley West. He also does choir and rep theater. He would like to thank his family, teachers, and friends. If he could be any sea creature, Will would be a whale. 

  • Emma Burmaster head shot

    Emma Burmaster

    as Sea Creatures/ Gulls

    Emma Burmaster (Sea creature/Seagull) is so happy to be able to be in a musical again! Some of her hobbies are taekwondo, horse riding, robotics, and reading. She has been in two shows at West (7 in total) and if she could be any sea creature, she would be a dolphin.

  • Emily Davidson head shot

    Emily Davidson

    Emily Davidson (Sea Creature) is a nerdy, anime loving fangirl who stays up too late writing fanfiction and reading novels. She also enjoys watching Japan vlogs and singing her heart out to j-pop. Other hobbies include walking her adorable doggo, ballet dancing, and designing clothes for her future career.  And if she was to be a sea creature she would be a mermaid because that's what she's always wanted to be as a kid. 

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