The Addams Family - October 18 - October 28, 2018

CYT San Antonio


Here at Christian Youth Theatre, we have made up our minds to take back the arts for Christ; our approach to each class taught inside our studio as well as every mainstage production is rooted in Kingdom principles.  These Kingdom principles apply to every person on this planet regardless of who you are.  Kingdom principles like: What you sow, you reap;  giving without regard for return will result in blessing;  kindness attracts kindness; mercy radiates like a beacon within the confines of a heart that's truly been transformed by love.  These ideals are just like the stones that Abraham used in Genesis to make an alter of praise with which to unite in covenant with Papa God. Understand, our culture at CYT is to live in thanksgiving, to be in relationship with our families, and to champion these Kingdom principles in the stories we tell.  This is our pursuit, and as imperfect as we may be, this is what we are striving for.
We live in a world where people of faith are more and increasingly more being labeled as "weirdos."  The Addams Family is a little weird and yet, in the midst of all of their eccentricities, there is a wealth of truth to be found.  The way they support each other, the way each member is unashamed of their differences, and the way that the family loves each other - these are sacred ideals to hold onto.  Family.  Love.  Fighting against the lies of the enemy - these are Kingdom principles that are inherent in the story you are about to see.  Ultimately, it's just like the song says, "Family first, family last, and family by and by."  My prayer is that God will continue to bless our theatre family and draw us closer to Him as we attempt to unite our community in and around New Braunfels.  Thank you for helping us in this pursuit.
To God be the glory.


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