Into the Woods - March 19 - March 22, 2020

Cedar Cliff High Productions


Yo Mama breaks a leg, Eli. Nana

Proud of you Kiki! Gma & Gpa.

Mason thank you for being a true friend! Best wishes - Deitz's.

All the best things come from pigs.

Embrace whatever life hands you. Love you more, Mom, Dad, & Fam

Love you #GlampingSquad See ya at CC Pizza!

Kassidy, We're always happy watching you do what you love. You make us proud! Have a great show. Love, Mom, Dad, Kaylee and Kendall

Sweet singing and a pretty smile, Kimberly will chase off those evil wolves, witches, stepmothers, and giants, Love Grandpa + Margie

We are proud of you Kimberly! Love Grandma + Grandpa

Break-a-leg Kimmie, We love you! Aunt Mary, Uncle Ken, Dani Zac

So proud of our "elf!" We love you Kimberly! Mom and Dad

Kimberly, break a leg! Love Aunt Jessica + Uncle Scott

Jules, "I wish" you wonderful performances and lots of fun! Love you! Aunt Kathy & cousins

Jules ~ Congratulations for a wonderful performance. So proud of you! Love Mom & Grandma

Into the woods, each time you go, there's more to learn of what you know ~ Luv U Jules, Mom

Bravo to the cast, crew, staff, and volunteers for a fabulous production! ~ The      Davies Family

Break a leg, Jules! We love you! ~ Victoria, David, & Kathleen

I hope all of your wishes in and out of the woods come true, Brava Jules! Love Aunt Jeane

You are going to be amazing, Eff. Love a so much - Mom, Dad, Emory

Mink so proud, 2 Baker's Wives, 2 sisters, Love (or a hear) click Lily! Wow! Meow!! Love B & CC

Lily, what an ending to your sr. year! Love Mom

Lily-You never cease to amaze me. Love Dad

Lily!! We love you! Your extended family

Good luck Jordan, Luv Mom+Dad

Jared, have fun. We are proud of you, Love Mom+Dad

Monica, we'll follow you anywhere! Love, Mom and Dad

Alex McQuade We are so proud of you and the Cast / Crew! Enjoy every moment, Love Dad   Have a blast! Love Mom

Izzy, granddaughter stars are the best! Love, Marme

Go get em Beezo - Mom, Dad, Dex

Love you Sophie - The Kraynaks

Break a leg Soph - Mimi & Bri & Caleb

Keira - We love you most! Mom & Dad

Yaya-Break a leg! Love you! Ian

Kimmie - K&K forever, bro! Keira

We love you Eliah! You make us so proud! - Grammy and Pappee

Eliah, You're my "rising" star! Love, Jane

It's been "agony" waiting to watch you perform! Good luck Eliah! XO - Mom

Love you Lilly, break legs Babes

Knock 'em dead Queenie - Mom & Dad

Annie - You have always been our "happily ever after." We love you! Break a string - Mom+Dad

Annie - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You're almost as good as cheese! Yeah! - Christian



To my pig sisters, thanks for pigging out with me, love, Kaity

Katie - We did it bae, love U :)

This cast is so voodoo, Love, Delly

Break a leg Natalie! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom+Dad







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