Art. Sex. Magic. - September 12 - September 14, 2019

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SCENE 6: Befriending the Inner Critic 

Song: Befriending the Inner Critic (Artist) 







I hear you, yes I hear you

You’re trying to keep me safe 

I feared you, but I feared you 

Were so loud and took up so much space
In the ancient past your role 

was maintaining status-quo…
And keeping me alive

Ready to fight or flee the foe 


Life is much less precarious 

And it’s okay not to know

‘Cause pleasure is important

It’s a healthy way to grow 


My reptilian mind, 

You don’t want to be left behind 

So threatened by Change 

getting rearranged, rejecting the new and the strange


Stress was life or death        

You’re learning to distinguish 

Between a shark and a school of fish 

And now the times are new

We are not the tiger’s prey

We are born to make and play 

No need to fear, my ego 

You won’t be obsolete

Just ride the tide, be in the flow 

Discerning and discreet 


It’s safe to take a risk 

To Experiment and fail 

I promise we’ll grow strong together 

And even live to tell the tale 

No need, to generate anxiety 

And scan the past for future problems 

The present is where all the juice is at 

In the present, we remain solvent


In the present, we remain solvent

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