Newsies - November 16 - November 21, 2022

Clearfield High School

 End Notes 

Director Notes-


Newsies was a bucket list show for me, I didn't know my cast exceptionally well, we have many new students, but I know this show was meant for them collectively. I knew it the first day I saw them dance together, they have a collective energy that matches ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE. They have danced all summer and fall, and worked very hard to create their characters and story. I couldn't be more pleased, proud, and touched it has been a wonderful journey. May we always remember family is more than blood, we are more than just cohexisting on this planet "we is family." Love is best when it is unexpected and grows from friendship and service. If you are greedy and hurt people justice can be served, by those with the passion to demand it. Most importantly, listen to the wise voices of the next generation, they have been through so much. Where my generation fails I truly believe they will conquer and succeed. I see so much in them their spirit and their eyes. I know teaching at Clearfield High School is a gift, my gift and came around twice for me, I am so lucky to be here. Enjoy Newsies come again, invite your friends, these Newsies not only stop The World...they Rock the world!

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