Newsies - November 16 - November 21, 2022

Clearfield High School


Thank you to Mark, Katie, Andrea, and Val- the greatest teamates.


Kallee & Tanaya for your choreography and telling the stroy through movement.


Thank you to the CHS staff who volunteered to help and for all their support.


Thank you to Parents who volunteered to help and for their support, providing rides, costumes, make-up, Saturday Treats, meals, and hugs. Your support is vital to our sucess thank you so much. LeAnna Hamblin for setting up our lunch.


Thank you to the Bone family for transporting sets, building sets, emotional and physical support for this show and always.


The Bailey and Moore family for support and allowing time away to create


Erin Roring, and Anjeanette Williams for costume and prop help


Austin Hull for hanging and focusing lights, rigging, transporting, and building and basically being an amazing support. Truly CHS Theatre could not be what it is without you. You are the GOAT.


TJ and Erik for fixing our sound.


Julia Lunt for Spotlight photos.


Theatre Council for their hard work.


Crystal Flinders for photography, thank you for capturing the memories.


Cole, Mia, Julia, Bre, Shayla, Cal, Alex, and the night crew for extra help.


Nathan Saunders for welding


Kirsten Anderson and Vista Heights Middle School for the press.


Christine Detwiller and Syracuse High for costumes.


Bryan Szymanski for playing at the assembly for us, love you so!


Shelli and Susan and the CHS office staff.


Todd and Brady and the CHS custodial staff


Shanda and all the district theatre teaching team, your support is vital to the arts.


An incredible administration for support of our programs and encouragement.




The Pit Orchestra for their dedication and hard work, all outside of class you are just incredible. Thank you Mr. Bailey for conducting not ony those pit rehearsals but our music rehearsal you are a gem and so talented.


Stage Crew, for learning quick we may be small but we are mighty. You run the show.


The Cast for long hours, dedication, rehearsing on and off stage. You are an amazing group of artists. Watching you learn grow and progress has been the highlight of the production...thank you so much. Thank you Mr. Moore for teaching the music, your skill is unmatched.

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