Amélie - March 19 - March 21, 2020

Colonial Players

 Behind the Scenes bios 

  • Justin Adler head shot

    Justin Adler


    Justin is grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved with the Colonial Players for two years, last year as an actor and this year in set construction, and has enjoyed the opportunity to try out something new in high school. He would like to thank his family and friends for encouraging him to do the musical, as it is something he never had envisioned himself doing.

  • Fatima Alsammak head shot

    Fatima Alsammak


    Fatima is thrilled to be a part of her third Colonial Players production. The past two years have been wonderful, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She'd also like to extend thanks to Mr. Engel for giving her the opportunity to be a part of the Colonial Players and to Anas Fahsia, Meatball, Meatball, and Sauce for making this such a great experience.

  • Allison Borio head shot

    Allison Borio

    (Assistant Stage Manager, Shift Crew, Construction, Marketing)

    This is Allison’s eighth and final Colonial Players production and she is elated to be working on Amélie! She is beyond proud of her crew family & cast, past, present and future! Allison would like to wish luck to her twin sister Caroline who is starring as Amélie!!! She would also like to thank Mom, Dad & Dana!

  • Anastasia Cwietniewicz head shot

    Anastasia Cwietniewicz

    (Stage Manager, Lighting)

    Ana is thrilled to be a part of her seventh Colonial Players show. As both the stage manager and a lighting team member, she is proud to have watched the musical come to life over the past five months. Ana sends all of her love and thanks to Mr. Engel, the CP staff, cast, crew, and her family. Shoutout to Carly and everyone on headset for keeping her sane. Enjoy the show!

  • Aryaa Moudgal head shot

    Aryaa Moudgal

    (Marketing, House, Set Construction)

    Aryaa is so excited to be working on her seventh and final production for the Colonial Players. She wants to thank all of her directors for their excellent guidance. Aryaa would like to especially thank her friends and family for all of their support, specifically all of the crew friends she has made through the program.

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