Amélie - March 19 - March 21, 2020

Colonial Players

 notes from the director 

While working at school, I often listen to Pandora.  One of my favorite stations is a Broadway station that I have curated over the years.  I have found that this is one of the sources from which I find inspiration for possible shows through music that moves me.  I stumbled upon Amélie through hearing “Times are Hard for Dreamers.”  As I listened over and over, the story of just that song jumped out of the computer and into my head. 

I have heard a lot about the movie, though I have never seen it (I know, again).  As I dove into the script I found the story to be so interesting and fun. Additionally, the thrill of presenting work that is not often performed is always exciting to the staff as we get to build our vision of the show, not stuck to norms that have been done for generations where audience members come in with ideas of what they should see.

Amélie has not disappointed; it has a great story, beautiful music, relatable emotions and some really fun moments (how many actors get to play Elton John on stage?).  The cast, crew, and staff have worked tirelessly over the past six months moving through the stages of planning, auditions, and now performance.  We have built bridges (both physically and emotionally), created, sung, danced, marketed, painted, sold tickets, moved sets, run microphones, set lights and played instruments.  Ah – instruments – one of our very exciting pieces this year is the introduction of actor/musicians. We have so many talented students who can do more than just sing and dance, and we are lucky enough to have a way to incorporate some of their other musical talents into this show – it is a real treat.

As always, there are many thanks to be given: 


  • To the staff – Maria, Megan, Val, Melissa, Jen, Eric, Jeramie, Barb, Josh, Paul and Adam – thank you for constantly pushing limits, both yours and the students.  It is your great dedication to the vision that makes the Colonial Players such a strong program. 
  • To the cast and crew  - thanks for working hard, sharing your talent, bringing excitement, and donating your time to this organization that I care so much about. 
  • To the CSD staff and administration – thanks for your unending support of the performing arts and, in particular, the Colonial Players.  Your determination to support this program helps make it what it is.
  • To our seniors - thank you for committing to this journey for the past four years.  You should be proud of all you have accomplished. Your legacy and memory will forever be a part of our history. 
  • To my family  - Carrie, Luke, Lance and Bryce – thank you for your constant support and encouragement and for picking up all the slack while I am at rehearsals.  I love you all.


I hope that you enjoy watching this production as much as we enjoyed putting it together.  Always remember….


Enjoy the show.


M. Engel   

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