Rumors - May 03 - May 05, 2018

Dover Foundation




The Trustees of the Dover Church for their support and generosity.

Beth Benjamin at The Dover Church for her help, advice and support.

Andy Tucker, Sexton at The Dover Church for his help.

Karl Warnick and Don Fisler for their support and help.

DesignLight and Len Schnabel for bringing sound, light and professional knowledge to our show.

Jerry Arnold for his knowledge and fantastic skills in finding just the right prop.

Kelly Neeley- Brown for her wonderful design skills.

Sheridan Miller for her expert help with costumes.

Starbucks, Medfield, for the matinee refreshments and keeping the Production team

Catherine Belden for the rehearsal treats.

Doug Wolfe at Dover Automotive for being our local Ticketmaster.

The dedicated team of volunteers who built our set.

The Dover Sherborn Drama department and Scott Walker for sharing set pieces.

Suzie of SvR Designs for her skillful decorating of the set.

Frank Rapp for recording this show with his wonderful photography.

The Dover Police for helping us to gain access to our rehearsal space.

Stephen Press at Hometown Weekly for the fabulous coverage.

Linda Means, Mike Klein, and the team at DSCTV for bringing our show and story to local TV.


Marisol Saenez for her 80s styling at the photo shoot and show nights.

All our wonderful sponsors for their generosity and continued support.







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