Legacy: The Future Is Now - February 13 - February 14, 2019

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing


Verse 1:


Alright check it,  you know it didn’t start with us

Legacy in the making, futures looking up

Past leaders paved the path, now we can run

Youthful feet on the ground, singing change gon come


Bringing, our own truth, our own hype

Repping our communities in the best light

Black excellence, you know it's more than a brand

Remember those who crawled so that we could stand



Our time is now

Stand up be proud

We've worked too hard to fail

(This is our Legacy)

The work we've done has just begun

Nothing can stop us now

This is our Legacy


Verse 2:


Legacy we now know WHO we are

What the text book taught us was wrong by far

they say you can't win if you don't believe

My eyes have been opened, we can succeed


We as people are stronger as one

Creating real future for the next generation

Young woman you are more than a fat ass

And young men you are more than a hashtag


They tried to break us

But we beat them at their own game

Work for yourself

That's the only true rise to fame

And when they laugh  

It's their fear showing in pain

You come from greatness

They'll remember your name


Verse 3:

Each person in this room is original

Limitless imagination non conditional

There's a new world coming

Where the leaders look like me

And my brothers won't be shot and killed by the police

In this new world the status quo’s got to go

And Listen Evolve Gather Act Create Yuse the motto

We've  showed you black utopia is possible

Now it's time for you to make it real, unstoppable

So stick out your hands and take what's yours

It's closer than you think, I got a few more bars

Stand up in your truth, we’ve all showed you how

Cause the future's not for later, the future is now

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