Mary Poppins - November 15 - November 16, 2019

Greenwich Country Day School



The Cast and Production Team

Would like to thank the following people:


Stage Makeup graciously provided by Kelly Thompson of L'Oréal


Dave Krumlauf and the entire GCDS Facilities Team

Reggie Parron, US Facilities



Jane B. Graham, Upper School Visual Arts

Peter Preston, 8th Grade Applied Science

Eliot Spencer, Chair, MS History Department



Technical Support Department and Staff



Jacqueline Jenkins, Head of Upper Elementary School

Flynn Corson, Head of Middle School



Stacey Collins, Upper School Administrative Assistant

Rick Columbo, Assistant Head of Upper School

Dr. Chris Winters, Head of Upper School



Debbie Blake Kerrick, Chair of Performing & Visual Arts Department

Andrea Mann, Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster



Adam Rohdie, Headmaster




The team of parent volunteers!

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