Mary Poppins - November 15 - November 16, 2019

Greenwich Country Day School

  Director's Notes  

Welcome to the inaugural production of Greenwich Country Day School's new Upper School! We are thrilled to present to you Mary Poppins. The songs are memorable and beautiful, and the characters and storyline are timeless and poignant. While there are many wonderful musicals that would be perfect for a high school program, we wanted to be able to perform the first production of the Upper School to a wide audience, especially to the students of the Upper Elementary and Middle School.


The Upper School students you will see in this production have surpassed their own expectations for what they could accomplish! They auditioned during the first week of September, and they have been hard at work nearly everyday since. I am grateful for their dedication and commitment to making this production and team successful.


We sought out to create a show that includes students on every level of the production team, both on stage and off, partnered with faculty and industry professionals in support of setting Mary Poppins on the GCDS stage. These performances are intentionally meant to exhibit what a project-based learning experience is like; fusing acting, singing, dancing, scenic design, lighting, computer programming, green-screen filming and editing, 3-D printing, collaborative learning, and long term planning into one giant exploration of learning!


I am extremely grateful to the cast, crew and their families as they have worked so hard to bend and shape their schedules to match participation in rehearsals, while participating in clubs, team sports, dance companies, and maintaining their academic class work at the same time. My thanks especially to the faculty and staff of GCDS Upper School who have participated in this production and supported the students in this amazing accomplishment, especially Nick Grasso and Jason Reynolds for their tireless work in making the scenery come alive.


Thank you for coming to this exciting start to a bright future in the performing arts at Greenwich Country Day School!


Reach for the stars!


-Jonathan De Vries


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