The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - November 19 - November 24, 2019

Jewish Community High School Of The Bay

 Cast Who's Who 

  • Eva Baskin '21 head shot

    Eva Baskin '21

    as Rona Lisa Peretti

    Eva is thrilled to be in her fourth JCHS production! She is so happy to be part of this amazing show and has enjoyed working with everyone in the cast. Eva would like to thank Ms Gentry and Mr McDonald for all their hard work. She would also like to thank Laura for supplying oranges at snack. Enjoy the show! Syzygy!

  • Ari Goldberg '22 head shot

    Ari Goldberg '22

    as Chip Tolentino

    Ari is thrilled to dive into his first show with JCHS's theatre program! He recgonizes the irony and would like to dedicate this show to all of the English teachers who have coped with the trauma of his atrociouzjh spelling over the years. 

  • Sarah Kaplan '20 head shot

    Sarah Kaplan '20

    as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre (Schwartzy)

    Sarah is ecstatic to be in her fourth show at JCHS. Her previous shows have included A Flea in Her Ear, Mamma Mia!, and Nu Wurks. Sarah would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her through the process. She hopes you enjoy the show and looks forward to your continued attendance in the JCHS theater.

  • Max Bamberger '21 head shot

    Max Bamberger '21

    as Leaf Coneybear

    Max is ecstatic (adjective, in a state of rapturous delight) to be a part of Spelling Bee! His previous roles include Sky in Mamma Mia, Mr Tackaberry in H2$, and Phil, Chad and Jimmy in Almost, Maine. Max also writes for the Lit Mag and The Observer, plays guitar and Ultimate Frisbee. He wants to thank his family and friends for always showing so much love and support!

  • Levi Eig '21 head shot

    Levi Eig '21

    as William Barfée

    Levi is very passionate about theater and is thrilled to be a part of his seventh JCHS show. He acted in last year's fall musical and spring drama, understudied in last year’s winter comedy, and acted in last year’s productions of Mamma Mia, Nu Wurks IV, and A Flea in her Ear. He looks forward to future JCHS productions and hopes you enjoy the show!

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