Guys And Dolls JR. - May 07 - May 08, 2021

John Sevier Middle School

 Who's Who 

  • Amy Tebrock head shot

    Amy Tebrock

    as Agatha

    Amy is 12 years old (13 this summer!) and plays Agatha in the play, Guys and Dolls. She is in Mrs. Donnellan’s homeroom in Seventh grade. She has a dog-walking business that she does with her sister Regan (she plays Arvide). Amy plays baritone in the John Sevier seventh grade band. The instrument she is holding is her baritone. Amy has two lovely beagles Molly, and Dolly, who are very affectionate and sweet. Amy enjoys LEGOS, practicing her baritone, playing with her dogs, and painting her nails. She is very happy to get the role she has, and hopes to get an even better role next year. Amy is excited and anxious about the play in addition, she has her band concert approaching.  Overall, Amy is ecstatic to be in the play as Agatha, a member in the Save a Soul Mission band.

  • James Gilbert head shot

    James Gilbert

    as Harry The Horse

    James is in the 6th grade. He loves this school so far, liking the teachers and the students. James likes to be involved in school, to collect old video games and consoles, and action figures. He also loves to act. This is his first year doing it and he loves it so far . James would like to thank his friends and family for helping him out practicing this script and helping him learn new things about theatre. 

  • Benjamin Pitman head shot

    Benjamin Pitman

    as Big Jule

    Benjamin Pitman plays Big Jule and is in grade six. He loves to play football. Some of the other characters are some good people. He would like to thank the cast, Mrs.G, my teachers,and his family. He hopes you all like the play!

  • Nathan Anderson head shot

    Nathan Anderson

    as Angie the Ox

    Nathan Anderson is a 6th grader hoping to continue his acting career for a few years, and maybe more! He is 11 and likes to play sports, read, and sing.

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