The Addams Family - April 21 - April 30, 2022

Laguna Hills High School



Thank you to all who offer their time, skill, resources, and energy to help this program succeed, specifically...

Sound Advice for the static-free, legal bandwidth, digital mic rentals;
Right on Cue Services for performance tracks;
Enchanted Attic, 3-D Theatricals, and Orange Lutheran HS for costumes;
Orange Lutheran, OCC, SJHHS Stallion Theatre, MVHS Theatre for props;
Ms. Kat Senior Scott for wigs;
Ms Denice Paxton and Ms. Jeanette Dawson from 3-D Theatricals for training our students on makeup and bald caps;
Mr. Adam Michael Rose for the accent workshop;
Audio Video Factory for recording the show for our archives;
Mr. Ryan Onishi for production photos;
Perfect Impression for the show T-shirts.

Mrs. Barbara Schulman for making it a priority to attend our shows;
Ms. Katie Branley and Ms. Sabrina Skeels for promoting the arts in SVUSD;
LHHS Administration and Custodial Team for their daily assistance;
Ms. Shea Buchanan for translating and teaching Casey's choreo;
Mrs. Cheyenne Woodmansee for helping with choreography;
Mr. John Bell for volunteering his time and expertise;
Mr. Jordan Killion for his musical direction and for letting us use his classroom;
Mrs. Dawn Johnson in the LHHS ASB office for paying all our bills;
SVUSD Print Shop for printing posters and programs on such a short timeline.

Mrs. Stephanie Hall for leading the costume team, along with Mrs. SJ Hinojosa,

    Mrs. Deanna Jacobson, and Mrs. Laura Camastro for their support;
Mrs. Tina Van Dam for mic support, managing theater apparel, and being the

    greatest arts advocate;
Mrs. Deanna Jacobson for her creative spin on the StarGrams and setting up

Mrs. Tina Mauro for organizing concessions volunteers and donations, and all who                       worked a shift or donated items;
Mrs. Beth Warner for managing ticket sales;
Mrs. Jackie Dettmann for coordinating meals, and others who also provided food:

    The Bissonettes, Christen D'Alessandro, The Fullers, Colleen Gelfer,

    Helen Groves, The Halls, The Jacobsons, Bridgette Laska, The Massons,

    Jennifer Snow, The Wurths;
All the parents who built and painted, including Eric Hall, John Lord, Julia

    Mobasseri, Laura and Mike Bissonette, Manny Santos;
Mrs. Charlotte Wurth and Ms. Helen Groves for creating the program;
Mrs. Jennifer Snow for donating flowers;
Mrs. SJ Hinojosa for keeping track of the finances;
Ms. Lani Jacobson for headshots;
Lea Jacobson and Mrs. Stephanie Hall for maintaining website and social media;
Mr. John Lord for his patience, humor, and support. 

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