The Addams Family - April 21 - April 30, 2022

Laguna Hills High School

 Cast Who's Who  

  • Bridger Allen head shot

    Bridger Allen

    as Lurch

    Bridger Allen (10) is that tall guy you might see every once in a while in the corner of your eye before he swiftly disappears. His favorite hobbies include being tall, walking from point A to B, and solving the mysteries of the universe using a spork. He is grateful to his parents for supporting him in his theatrical endeavours and looks forward to performing to whoever is reading this.

  • Emily Ash * head shot

    Emily Ash *

    as Morticia Addams

    Emily Ash (12) is so excited to perform in the role of Morticia Addams. She has been performing since middle school in roles such as Manager in Elf, Meg in Leading Ladies, and Kelsi in High School Musical. She would like to thank everyone who has supported her along the way, her parents and sister who have been there since the first show, her wonderful family, and her director Mrs. Lord for accepting her and making this department feel like home. She hopes to keep pursuing theatre and entertainment in the future, and wants to end the year with an amazing performance. 

  • Kimi Bartels ** head shot

    Kimi Bartels **

    as Lucas Beineke

    Kimi Bartels (12) plans to study marine biology at either UC Santa Cruz or UC San Diego. They have been doing theatre for about 10 years and also enjoy surfing, skiing, and waterpolo. They are super excited to be playing Lucas in this production and hope you enjoy his loveable energy specially crafted for this dark and mysterious show. Kimi would like you all to know that they will miss their time here at lhhs and they look forward to the future of the department.

  • Grant Dettmann * head shot

    Grant Dettmann *

    as Lucas Beineke

    Grant Dettmann (11) is excited to play Lucas in this production of Addams Family! Outside of theater, Grant is the founder and/or president of multiple clubs, such as Hawk Mentors and Chess club, and loves being apart of LHHS MUN, track and field, and comedy sportz! He has poured so much hard work into the show and really hopes you enjoy it!

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