Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play - October 15 - October 16, 2020

Liberty High School


Cast Members  
(All) Our Announcer; (Sabotage) Power Plant Phone Operator 1, Bus Collector; (The 39 Steps) Cigarette Girl  
Kensley White  
(The Lodger) Woman, Daisy; (Sabotage) Renee, Waitress at Simpson's Restaurant, Newsboy, Woman with puppy on bus; (The 39 Steps) Woman at Music Hall, Innkeeper at King's Head Tavern  
Shelby Bland  
(The Lodger) Newsboy; (Sabotage) Stevie, Winnie's younger brother; (The 39 Steps) Passenger 2 on the Aberdeen Express.  
Madison Zollars  
(The Lodger) Ellen Bunting; (Sabotage) Power Plant Phone Operator 2, Mrs. Jones, Woman in Crowd; (The 39 Steps) Manager at the music hall, Newsboy, Waitress in a pub.  
Brianna Johnson  
(The Lodger) Robert Bunting; (Sabotage) Vladimir, The Professor, Man on bus; (The 39 Steps) Man 1 at Music Hall, Conductor on the Aberdeen Express, Police 2 on the Aberdeen Express, Driver, Alfred, Detective  
Finn Denmark  
(The Lodger) Mr. Sleuth; (Sabotage) Verloc; (The 39 Steps) Man 2 at Music Hall, Professor Bartlett  
Caedmon Prescott  
(The Lodger) Coroner; (Sabotage) Ted Spencer, a detective undercover as a greengrocer's assistant; (The 39 Steps) Mr. Memory, Police 1 on the Aberdeen Express, Doctor  
Camden Sharkey  
(The Lodger) Miss Cannot; (Sabotage) Winnie Verloc; (The 39 Steps) Passenger 1 on the Aberdeen Express, Usherette at the music hall  
Sydney Stanio  

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