Matilda - March 12 - March 14, 2021

Liberty Union-Thurston Local School District



      Hello Family and Friends, Community Members, Teachers, Counselors, Board Members, Music Boosters, and Staff Members. I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to our production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical. At the start of every musical, I explain to my cast that the musical is one large puzzle. Each member who holds a role, be it a lead or supporting one, is a vital piece to that puzzle. Other pieces are the set builders and painters, costume designers and seamstresses, prop gatherers and organizers, technical crew, and backstage helpers. You, the audience, are the final piece to complete the puzzle. Without you, I can’t show this amazing cast and crew how their hard work has paid off. Without you, we could not keep this fantastic musical program at Liberty Union competitive year after year. So thank you! Thank you for supporting the arts by buying tickets and advertisements. Thank you for supporting your children and allowing them to be a part of this production. Thank you for entrusting our theatre staff with your kids nearly every day after school for four months. My greatest hope is that they learned and grew through acting, singing, and dancing; built lasting friendships; and had a fun and fantastic experience overall. A special thank you to Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Greene for all of their help and guidance in making the Liberty Union Music Department a shining star in Fairfield County. I am a proud LU alumnae with a special place in my heart for this music program. The kids in this cast are ready to “wow” you. It’s time for #MATILDAatLU2020. On with the show!


   -Jill R. Henwood

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