The Addams Family - January 14 - January 15, 2022

Lindenhurst High School


My mom and dad who have always supported me in every single endeavor I’ve ever taken. 



Mr. Smith for being such an inspiring mentor, teacher, and friend. 



Mrs.Slater and Mr.Ricciardi for being such supportive friends and keeping me sane during the rehearsal process.


Mrs. Buckley for her tireless dedication to our productions and making sure all the costumes look great!


Miss Debbie and The South Shore Theater Experience for giving me the skills in stage creation during my adolescence.



Marcy Miller, Jon Trapani, and the entire Lindenhurst administration for teaching me how to be a strong leader.



The Albany Avenue Elementary School Faculty



The West Gates Elementary School Faculty



The Alleghany Avenue Elementary School Faculty



The Lindenhurst High School Faculty

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