Seussical - April 28 - April 30, 2022

Lyndhurst Middle school

 End Notes 

Director's Notes


To be completely honest I never thought that I would be doing this show. However, my music and vocal directors approached me with a plan to convince me that it was the show for us. We had the right cast, lots of choreography possibilities and just plain fun. They convinced me and the rest is history! It turns out that this was one of the most challenging and rewarding shows I have ever directed and choreographed. And it was fun!! 


“If you open your mind, oh the thinks you will find lining up to get loose!” One of my favorite lines from this show! Creativity is one of the biggest contributors to a wonderful production such as this. From the music, to the set design, from the choreography, to the props, this production of Seuss is busting with life, color, and imagination! Sometimes, when the reality of the world becomes too dark and depressing to handle, the best cure is escaping into a fantasy world. Seussical helps to do just that.


This cast and crew have been a dream to work with. It is a show with one production number after another so it is very physically demanding in rehearsal and these students rose to the occasion. After every number they heard ( what some say is my favorite phrase) "Do it again!". No matter how many times we repeated and repeated choreo not one complaint. They knew that to make this the quality production we wanted, they had to work hard. I am so very proud of this cast and crew!


Many thanks to my music and vocal directors, for not only suggesting the show, but doing their usual outstanding coaching. Also, thanks to my son Christian for helping with the set design, my daughter Esther for being a great support and cheerleader, and all the people who helped me get to this place. I am very appreciative of the many who give a hand and care about the arts.


Enjoyt the show and remember, "A persons a person no matter how small."


- Steven Arrigoitia Director/Choreographer

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