Nunset Boulevard - October 24 - November 01, 2014

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Welcome, Bienvenue  
Sr. Robert Anne
Hello, Hollywood  
The Plot  
Rev Mother & Sr. Hubert with Cast
Sisters in the Cinema Rap  
Srs. Amnesia & Leo
The Silver Screen  
Sr. Hubert
Where is the Rainbow  
Sr. Leo
The Bowling Ball Blues  
Sr. Amnesia with Srs. Hubert & Robert Anne
The Hollywood Blondes  
Belts, Ballads & Blues Songs  
Sr. Robert Anne & Cast
The Casting Call  
Reprise: Welcome, Bienvenue  
The Screen Test  
It May Never Happen  
Sr. Hubert with Srs. Amnesia & Robert Anne
Whatever Happened to . . . ?  
Rev. Mother & Cast
That Kid's Gonna Make It  
Sr. Robert Anne
The Flickers  
Srs. Robert Anne, Amnesia & Hubert
There Was A Time  
Rev. Mother
Don't Look Back  
Sr. Hubert & Cast
So Long, Hollywood  



TIME: The Present 


PLACE: Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama, Hollywood, California




No trip to Hollywood is complete without a nod to the movies that have made that city the film capital of the world! With Nunset Boulevard we pay homage to some of the great, old-time classics, as well as a few more recent offerings. Watch and listen for some subtle (and some NOT so subtle) references to the movies and the stars that shaped our lives.  ENJOY!




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