Twas The Night Before Christmas - December 04 - December 12, 2015

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Crew Members  
Rick Gooding  
Assistant Director  
Becky Mounsdon  
Prop Crew  
Peggy Schoer and Barb Lageschulte
Set Design  
Kevin Lageschulte  
Set Construction  
Kevin Lageschulte, Kevin Holubar, Tim Fienup
Set Painters  
Rick Gooding, Bill Roberts, Kevin Lageschulte, Kevin Holubar, Barb Lageschulte, Peggy Schoer
Sound Design  
Stacy Heil  
Sound Board Operators  
Paul Geilenfeldt and Vanessa Engel  
Lighting Consultant  
Frank Roessler  
Lighting Design/Operation  
Chloe Whitehead  
Lighting Assistant  
Ken Walton  
Lynn Maas  
Keri Oetker and Cast  
Gabee Benson  
Shannon Mitchell  
Production Photographer  
David Foix  
Box Office Manager/Ushers  
Peggy Schoer  
Program Design  
Shannon Mitchell and Julie Kruse Brewer

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