Disney Frozen Junior - September 07 - September 22, 2019

Mountain Ridge High School PAPA

 Applause Lines 

Olivia Marchbank - Keep showing those dimples!  ~Mom, Dad, & Lizzie

Olivia Marchbank - So proud of our angel!  ~Love, Grandma + Pap

Allie Clise - Congrats on your first choreographed show! Proud of you! ~Mom & Dad

Allison Clise - Shine bright, Allie!  We love you!  ~ Love, Mom, Dad, Hunter, and Levi

Josh Winner - We're proud of you!  ~Love, Your family & the pups!

Dillon Kaschenbach - We're so proud!  Enjoy senior year!  ~Love, Mom & Dad

Emily Kaschenbach - So proud of you!  Have a great year!  ~Love, Mom & Dad

Brielle Windle - To the moon, and the stars, and the mountains....Love, Mommy

Brielle Windle - Stub a toe.  ~Scott

Lennon Windle - I am super duper proud of you, Lemon drop!  ~Love, Mommy

Lennon Windle - Break a leg (not an arm).  ~Love, Daddy

Emilia Porter - We love watching you sparkle on that stage!  Love, The Windles

Adeline Porter - You rock that stage!  So proud of you!  ~The Windle Family

Zoe Zuzak - We are so very lucky and blessed!  Love, Mom, Dad, Nannie, Pap Pap

Michael and Mary Wollan - Merde, Michael and Mary!  ~Sue Sue

Michael and Mary Wollan - Good show to my twins!! Mamma

Michael Wollan - Good Job Michael OG, Mama & Papa

Mary and Michael Wollan - Merde ENCORE!  ~Susan and Stephen

Mary & Michael - Keep on performing!  ~Nina Wollan

Abby McLaughlin - Break a leg!  We love you!  ~Mom & Dad

Mia Porter - All hail, our QUEEN!  We love you, Beezy!

Adeline Porter - Great job, Addy Vader Porter!  Sister!

Brielle Windle - Tax deduction #5...We love you so big!  Porter 6

Laci and Ella Carey - Aunt Jenni loves you Laci & Ella! 

Mia and Addy - We're so happy to have sisters like you.  ~Love, Peyton & Charlie

Beth Clise - We're so proud of you, Beth! ~Love Charlie, Mom, and David

Beth Clise - So proud of you, Beth! ~Love, Grandma & Pap

Beth Clise - Great job, Beth! ~Love, Dad, Mandi, Morgan, & Devon

Beth Clise - Have Fun Beth! ~Love, Memo

Best of luck to the entire cast and crew 

Leah Boggs - We love you to the moon and back...break a leg! XOXO's Mom & Dad

Leah Boggs - Can't wait to see you on the stage at MRHS, Leah!  Love, Hannah

Leah Boggs - Reach for the stars!  Best of luck Leah!  ~Love, Jason and Erin

Leah Boggs - Best wishes for a great show, Leah!  Love, Jaden, Tatum, and Emma

Leah Boggs - We are so proud of all your accomplishments, Leah!  Love Mamie & Lar

Leah - You're becoming quite an accomplished young lady! Love, Kenny & Terri


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