Disney Frozen Junior - September 07 - September 22, 2019

Mountain Ridge High School PAPA

 Who's Who 

  • Zoe Zuzak head shot

    Zoe Zuzak

    as Ensemble

    Zoe, a 7th grader at Mt. Savage, has been doing theatre for four years. A few favortie musicals of hers include: Into the Woods, Dear Edwina, and FROZEN!!! If you couldn't tell, she has been dancing since she was four years old and is excited to see what her future holds! Zoe is certain to thaw your frozen heart with her performance! 

  • Josh Winner head shot

    Josh Winner

    as Ensemble

    Josh is a senior this year.  He has been seen as a cop in Curtains, a cop in Elf Jr, and Snyder the Spider in Newsies.  He is a member of the varsity Football and also is in the Football Buddies.

  • Laci Carey head shot

    Laci Carey

    as Ensemble

    Laci, who is homeschooled, is super excited to be performing in Frozen with all of her friends! She is a student at MCCA and you may have seen her as "Big Alice" in Alice in Wonderland. She is grateful for this fundraiser/experience and is happy to share it with her sister! 

  • Ella Valentine head shot

    Ella Valentine

    as Ensemble

    Ella is an 8th grader at Mt.Savage. A few favorite roles include: Donkey(Shrek jr.), Lambchops(Fame jr.) and Charlie Bucket(Willy Wonka jr.). Ella is super excited to present FROZEN JR. and she really hopes you enjoy it! She would like to thank her family, friends and the amazing production staff here at MRHS! 

  • Kylie Lancaster head shot

    Kylie Lancaster

    as Ensemble

    Kylie is an eighth grade student at Mt. Savage Middle School.  She also is a member of the yearbook staff.  Kylie has been in one other show directed by Jordan Kline, Dear Edwina Junior.  She is so happy that she got a chance to work with this cast and crew.

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