The Internet is Distract--OH LOOK A KITTEN! - June 17

Newton South High


Google, Jenny  
Val Amicangioli  
Mom, Mark, Catsby  
Laura Braudis  
Lucia Cataldo  
Amazon, Announcer, Click Bait  
Dan Doran  
Wiki, Fiona, Cat, Click Bait  
Shoshi Gordon  
Facebook, Grandma, Click Ad, Click Bait  
Maysanne Murad  
Taylor, Wikipedia, Contributor, Click Ad  
Nathan Nahar  
Production Staff  
Elie Berman  
Stage Manager  
Elena Wellenius  
Playbill Layout/Video Editor  
Jeff Knoedler  
Technical Advisor  
Evan Kos  



This is the second year of South Stage All-Access, a Unified Theatre program designed to provide theatre opportunities to students of all abilities. All Access student coordinators Keren Kohane and Sarah Erani held J-Block sessions of theatre games and skill-building exercises throughout the year before the closure.  Elie Berman, the Internet...Kitten director, welcomed any All Access actor to participate in this show.  



Congratulations to all our seniors in this show, especially Dan Doran, who has been active in All Access since the beginning.  Congrats, Dan!

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