The Internet is Distract--OH LOOK A KITTEN! - June 17

Newton South High

 Director's Note 

When I chose a show about the complexities of the internet, I did not expect it to actually be performed online. Yet, here we are. Now more than ever, we each have an evolving relationship with online platforms and our amount of screen time. The internet can have a negative effect. We've all felt the droopy-eyed, mushed brain that comes after hours upon hours online. But we are also learning that technology connects us to one another in moments of isolation, allowing us to feed off each others' energy to engage with a person, not a screen. This show says that, and this performance proves it. 


The Internet Is Distract- OH LOOK A KITTEN! has been through its fair share of road bumps and changes, but with each iteration, we bounce back with larger smiles and more genuine expressions. Thank you to everyone who made this show and my dream for it possible. A student-directed show is a challenge, and my cast and crew have amazed me every day with their everlasting kindness, support of one another, and deep-rooted values of inclusion and experimentation.


We ask you to stay focused and true to yourself, even with the distance of technology, remembering that when we commit to ourselves and one another, something beautiful is created.


Elie Berman


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