West Side Story - March 14 - March 16, 2019

North Star Academy High Schools

 Who's Who 

  • Julissa Coplin* head shot

    Julissa Coplin*

    as Maria

    It’s such a bittersweet feeling to be in the final musical of my high school career! When West Side Story was announced last year, I knew in my heart that this story would be a fun one to tell, but also one of the most difficult. We see so much hatred in today’s society, and at times this may divide us. But love has the power to trump it all! West Side Story, although written in the 1950s, starkingly resembles today’s society, especially with the topics of immigration and cultural differences. It was a hard journey to breathe and live this story, but it was so much fun! Playing Maria is a huge honor, and I want to thank Ms. Lisboa for giving me this opportunity to shine on stage once again. I want to thank my parents and my friends for believing in me, and I will definitely take all that I learned with me to Vassar College next fall! It’s been a wonderful journey, and it’s not the end! TROUPE 7713, SQUAD UP!!!

  • Sincere Ervin-Cunningham* head shot

    Sincere Ervin-Cunningham*

    as Tony

    Throughout the endless process of rehearsing for the production West Side Story, I have learned to embrace my passions and accept things for what they are. I have no other to thank than Ms. Lisboa for believing in me throughout my high school career and pushing me as a performer to expand my crafts to their highest level and transform talents into skills and hobbies into careers. Every year, the theatre community at North Star Academy is changed through the introduction of new ensemble members. It was a miracle to watch my fellow cast members of West Side Story metamorphosize from talented individuals to a powerful ensemble. The support that I have consistently recieved throughout the process challenged me to grow as a performer and as a person in ways that can never be surpassed. When I look back on my experiences with the NSA theatre community, I will always remember that I have these people to thank for shaping me into the powerful individual I am becoming.

  • Darielis Rivas* head shot

    Darielis Rivas*

    as Anita

    Throughout the last four years doing shows at North Star, I have truly flourished. I have learned not only what it means to be apart of an ensemble, but also what it means to be a human being in today’s society. Theatre saved my life. So, thank you to Ms.Lisboa and the individuals I’ve shared moments with both on and off stage for the last four years for saving my life. I am forever grateful and excited to explore theatre at Wesleyan University as a QuestBridge scholar in the fall.

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