Shakespeare in Love - February 19 - February 27, 2021

Northridge High

 Director's Notes 


If you are reading this... you are a dying breed.  Those who read Director's notes are fading fast... either that or you are my Mom.  Hi, Mom!  Thanks for coming to support my amazing students.  I am so priviledged to be their teacher, I swear they teach me more than I teach them.  It takes a LOT of risk, trust, and vulnerability to do what they do every night in this show. I am super thankful to each one of them.


This is one of my VERY FAVORITE plays.  The movie is a bit racey I grant you... so if you have not seen it don't rush out and do so without the understanding that it has some adult content. Yikes. The play, however, has all the things I love about the movie minus the things I don't love. Shakespeare is my FAVORITE author.  I love all the plays.  So, it would follow that this story has me intrigued.  What was his motivation to write some of these stories?  We know he took known stories and put them on the stage (Romeo and Juliet is one), but what was he going through in his life? what could have been his motivation?  I love the journey of the creative minds behind this idea. 


My favorite elements to combine: Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Sword Fighting, and Drama. Obviously this is why I love The Scarlet Pimpernel and West Side Story the MOST.  This play also follows this recipe.  If I could do these three shows every year... I would probably get sick of them so nevermind.  haha.  


The COVID issue... SO.  We have followed all the guidelines and more that have been set forth for us by the UHSAA and the District in combination to help keep us safe and stop the spread. Our performers AND athletes are following the same guidelines at Northridge which maintains safety and equity across programs. This small group of actors have been together non-stop since summer.  They all test every other week, and have been found negative every time we have tested. Obviously, there are some key moments that require a kiss due to the script. The stage intimacy is mostly fake in this show. It may look real, but it isn't.  We are being extremelly sanitary. There is also some slapping and sword/knife fighitng.  We are sanitizing everything as we go every night. The seats you are sitting in have been lovingly sanitized for you as well. 


Thank you so much for coming and supporting us in this production!  Live performance is so valuable to humanity! --and  Thanks, Mom for reading my Director's notes.  


Also thanks to the people reading this who are looking to see if I thanked them. I thank you.  You know who you are, and you are the BEST!




- Jana Coates

Director Lady 

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