Peter Pan Jr - November 16 - November 17, 2018

Palmyra Macedon MS

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Skyler Blair head shot

    Skyler Blair

    Skyler is excited to be a member of the production team for Peter Pan, Jr. He was on staff as a properties assistant in Shrek, Jr.  Skyler would like to thank his parents and other family members for encouraging him to do the musical the past 2 years.  He also thanks Ms. Haynes, Mrs. Osika and Mrs. Kockler. 

  • Alyssa Bray head shot

    Alyssa Bray

    Alyssa is honored to be a member of the stage crew for Peter Pan, Jr.  She previously served as a set mover in Shrek, Jr. Alyssa would like to thank her mom, Courtney and her grandparents for always supporting her and helping her get a ride.  

  • Ella Case head shot

    Ella Case

    Ella is excited to serve as ropes/curtain operator for Shrek, Jr.  Her previous theater experience includes 3 years in Pal-Mac Youtheatre.  Ella would like to thank her family for their support.  

  • Ethan Chamberlain head shot

    Ethan Chamberlain

    Ethan is excited to be the assistant light board operator.  He was also a member of the stage crew for Shrek, Jr. Ethans hopes that everyone has a fun time.  

  • Rose Crane head shot

    Rose Crane

    Rose is excited to be a set mover for Peter Pan, Jr. This is her first musical theatre experience.  Rose would like to thank her mom and dad for helping her be a part of stage crew.  

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