Peter Pan Jr - November 16 - November 17, 2018

Palmyra Macedon MS


The story of Peter Pan came to us from the creative mind of author J. M. Barrie in 1904.  Since that story of The Boy Who Would Never Grow Up was written, no less than 21 other works of fiction have been written based on the story, at least 24 plays and musicals have been staged and no less than 10 movies have been inspired.  So what makes this story about Neverland and the boy who would never grow up so timeless and appealing?


When I ask my own children (now 14 and 16) why they spent hours and hours of their childhood watching every movie and acting out the parts of Peter and Tinkerbell over and over, they tell me it’s the magic and the fantasy that makes the story so fun.  Imagine - being able to FLY and never having to grow up! Imagine visiting Neverland - the fictional paradise of all of Wendy’s stories - the place where all your dreams can come true.


When I look at the story through “grown-up” eyes, I wonder why Wendy changed her mind about growing up after her visit to Neverland.  What was it in her experiences there that made her feel ready? Was it the danger of facing the pirates and being victorious? Did she see something deeper - like how difficult it can be to try to have a friendship with someone who refuses to see anything beyond selfish, childish ways?  Or did she simply realize that she could have the best of both worlds - becoming a young lady AND visiting Neverland through the stories she told?


In our staging of Peter Pan, Jr. we see pirates who are tough guys - yet have an emotional side, too.  We see lost boys who like being little but want to go back with Wendy, John and Michael and grow up.  We see a Dad who realizes growing up shouldn’t happen too fast.  We see braves who recognize that everyone in the tribe is important and that “no one can make you feel small unless you agree to feel small.” Maybe the story isn’t just a fantasy for children.


What about you?  Why does the story continue to hold interest for you?  Talk to your kids about it. It led to some interesting conversations around my house.


Thank you for coming.


Mrs. Hill

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