Peter Pan Jr - November 16 - November 17, 2018

Palmyra Macedon MS

 Who's Who 

  • Damien Thompson head shot

    Damien Thompson

    as Peter Pan

    Damien is happy to be portraying Peter.  He was previously seen as Pig 1 in Shrek.  He would like to give a special thanks to family (especially those who brought him to rehearsal), friends (who have helped him with lines) and the directors and high school students who have taken their time to set all of this up for the cast, as well as all of the cast & crew members.

  • Maggie Gardner head shot

    Maggie Gardner

    as Wendy

    Maggie is grateful to portray Wendy.  She has been seen onstage in SeussicalShrek, Jr. and in Little Shop of Horrors.  Maggie thanks Judy Zanin for believing in her, Sandra Boysen Sluberski for voice lessons, Mrs. Osika for a love of singing, Mrs. Kockler for making it happen, Mrs. Hill for making it fun, Mrs. Cole for her hard work and her parents.  

  • Quinn Eckler head shot

    Quinn Eckler

    as Tinkerbell

    Quinn is honored to be playing the role of Tinkerbell.  She has previously played the role of Goldilocks in Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Quinn would like to thank Mrs. Hill for helping her through parts she didn't understand or remember. 

  • Autumn Sloan head shot

    Autumn Sloan

    as Captain Hook

    Autumn is ecstatic to be portraying Captain Hook.  She was featured as Mrs. Macapugay in School of Rock and was a member of stage crew in Shrek, Jr.  Autumn would like to thank her family, friends and directors who supported her and helped her rehearse!

  • Gannon O'Brien head shot

    Gannon O'Brien

    as Smee

    Gannon is excited to be playing Smee.  He was also in the cast of Shrek, Jr. and Little Shop of Horrors.  He would like to thank the directors for their hard work and time spent getting us ready.  Thank you also to Mom, Bonus Dad and Dad for all the rides to and from the school and encouragement.  He promises them a spot on the red carpet for his first movie premiere!

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