Silent Sky - October 24 - October 25, 2020

Postville Community School District

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Gaby Cortes head shot

    Gaby Cortes

    I’ve been involved in plays, speech, and now tech. I’m interested in underground rap and rock. I’m very introverted so please excuse my awkward self. :)

    (Gaby is a 2-Star Thespian Scholar)

  • Katelyn Frey head shot

    Katelyn Frey

    I’ve been involved with theatre since sixth grade. I have done tech for two years and have been in the plays for right around a year. I have done speech for one year and will be excited to do it again.  When I’m not at school you can find me in the auditorium messing around with everything! Outside of school and play, I am very involved with my church. I am currently teaching 1st graders with one of my friends, Hannah. Fun Fact - I despise Hannah! She thinks she’s smarter than me but really she isn’t!   If you're around my sister Emily and me, she might tell you that she hates me, but really she loves me. Some things I enjoy doing are hanging out with my friends, eating lots of food, and playing sims. If you want to see me in action, I will be in Almost Maine on Saturday, November 7th at 7 pm and Sunday, November 8th at 2 pm. (Katelyn is a 3-Star Junior Thespian Vice President's List Scholar Alum)

  • Gabby Garcia head shot

    Gabby Garcia

    I'm in 10th grade. One of my favorite plays I've done is Trap. I like to draw, play volleyball, and run in track. 

    (Gabby is a 2-Star Thespian)

  • Perla Gonzalez head shot

    Perla Gonzalez

    Hi! I’m currently a Junior.. This is my first time working as a tech. I love traveling to Mexico and volunteering at my Church. I currently started playing Among Us and am obsessed with it! I’m known as a quiet person, but once I know you better, TRUST ME when I say, I won’t stop blabbing my mouth. :3

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