Peter and the Starcatcher - November 01 - November 09, 2019

Rancho Buena Vista High

 Who's Who 

  • Rainn Shelton head shot

    Rainn Shelton

    as Bill Slank/ Hawking Clam

    Rainn is more than excited to play Bill Slank/Hawking Clam in Peter and the Starcatcher for her junior year Fall Show at RBV. She would like to thank all her teachers for being patient with her and helping her succeed, and her friends for still sticking by her. She hopes everyone enjoys the show and the effort they put into it!

  • Paul Smith head shot

    Paul Smith

    as Black Stache

    Paul can’t wait to star in his last fall show at RBV Peter and the Starcatcher as the Black Stache! Previously, Paul starred in All Shook Up! As Jim, Blood Wedding as Leonardo, and Remember my Name as Lieutenant Hans Schmidt, to name a few; all on the RBV stage! He wants to thank his entire drama family, his parents, Mr. DiLorenzo, the entire crew, and Anny for making him into the goofball he is today! He hopes you enjoy this abso-looney fantastical journey! Enjoy the show.

  • Alec Tsementzis head shot

    Alec Tsementzis

    as Lord Leonard Aster

    Alec is very exited for his role in Peter and the Star Catcher. He’s had so much fun with this cast and his role. This role has challenged him in many ways. This type of show is new to him and extremely fun. He’s had to watch 4 seasons of Downton Abby for his accent. 

  • Hyrum Woolley head shot

    Hyrum Woolley

    as Mrs. Bumbrake/ Teacher

    Hyrum is so excited to be portraying Mrs. Bumbrake in RBV's fall show, "Peter and the Starcatcher." He was in last year's spring musical, "All Shook Up" as Dennis, as well as the children's show. He would like to thank his parents and his sister for being encouraging and supportive. He'd also like to thank Mark Scott for getting him to where he is now and Mr. Dilorenzo for continuing his theatre education and exposure. 




My Dearest Gillian ~
"It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness." -- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan 
                                                               love always, Mom

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