Christopher Marlowe's DOCTOR FAUSTUS - May 23 - June 23, 2024

Richmond Shakespeare

 End Notes 

Note from the Director:


When this play was first performed in 1594 by the Admirals Men, it made a pretty big splash...

Textured with succulent language, theatrical spectacle, and all those familiar characters found in Christian lore, this is a morality play consistent with the traditions of medieval and Tudor drama - kind of. Marlowe’s irreverent approach seems to make this a morality play for the proletariat, jeering at man’s absurd hubris and sneering at the religious dogma of 16th century Europe. Subsequently, it has become the subject of much discussion and argument over the centuries. I’m fairly sure Marlowe would have loved to have known that fact.

I’ll leave the pedantry to the dramaturg’s note and just tell you that this play has been a joyful challenge for this creative team. This is the play that launched Marlowe to rock-star status, so we have assembled a team of Richmond rock-stars to do it justice by breathing as much of their life and experience into it as possible. We hope you enjoy your evening under the stars watching this rarely performed piece of theatre. The 16th century manor you’re looking at is pretty cool too...


Is there anything you’d sell your soul for?

James Ricks








Board of Directors


President - Carrie Bickford

Vice President - Samantha Wheeler Marrs

Vice President - Ocelia Hudson

Secretary - Shannon Winston


Brooks Nelson

Christiana Roberts

Anthony Russell, PhD

Stephen Thompson

Jim Whelen

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