The Wedding Singer - March 21 - March 23, 2019

Roslyn HS

 The Wedding Singer 

Act II

Determined to start making money, Robbie shows up on Wall Street and asks Glen for a job. Glen reinforces Robbie's suspicions that life is truly All About the Green.

Meanwhile, Julia grills Holly about what happened at the club. Holly admits that she kissed Robbie, but nothing happened. Julia has doubts about Glen. Sammy shows up and tries to put the moves on Holly. Holly blows him off, but can't deny that she's starting to have feelings for him.


Julia finds out that Robbie has quit the band and is now working on Wall Street. She confronts Robbie, telling him he can't give up his music. Robbie tells Julia that she's only marrying Glen because he's got money. Julia storms off and Robbie goes to a bar to drink his problems away.

Sammy and George show up and find Robbie getting drunk. They try to cheer him up by singing the joys of being Single. The song only makes Robbie decide to tell Julia how he really feels. Robbie arrives at Julia's house and sees her through her window, dressed in her wedding gown.


Afraid she'll reject him, he decides not to tell her he's in love with her. Robbie arrives home to find Linda waiting for him. She tries to restart their relationship, but Robbie ends up passing out. Julia shows up the next morning and finds Linda in Robbie's bedroom. Thinking they are back together, Julia decides to elope with Glen to Vegas.


Robbie arrives at an anniversary party for his grandparents and Holly tells him that Julia and Glen have eloped. He decides to go after them. George and Rosie are left onstage alone. They provide their own style of music for the party.


Robbie arrives in Vegas, but can't find Julia and Glen. He meets up with a few celebrity impersonators who help him locate the missing couple. Robbie crashes the wedding and sings Julia his latest composition. Robbie proposes and Julia accepts. The happy couple, along with the Vegas impersonators, head home to Jersey. The show ends at Robbie and Julia's wedding reception.

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