West Side Story - March 29 - March 30, 2019

Sayreville War Memorial High School Theatre Society

 Who's Who 

  • Andrew Pechulis head shot

    Andrew Pechulis

    as Mr. Anderson

    Andrew is an interesting individual of science and interactions. He is a fine person, seeing as how one would respect his personal space. Respect is a two-way covalent bond, sharing two bodies of energy with mild electronegativity between them. He is person of jokes and personal troubles, but also a good ally if trust is strong.

  • John Emery head shot

    John Emery

    Bass Clarinet

    Even though it’s only his second show, John is thrilled to be a part of such an amazing production. He’s a senior at the SWMHS and tries to be involved in music as much as he can. He loves playing his instruments, especially his bass clarinet. He is super excited for the show and cannot wait for the great performances.

  • Dakota Funk head shot

    Dakota Funk

    Tenor Saxophone

    Dakota has been in the pit orchestra for four years. She plays 5 instruments and has been in the marching band for 6 years. She was the percussion co-captain during the 2018 season, and plans to further her education by going to school for music. Dakota would like to thank Dr. Caruso for all his guidance and her family for their everlasting love and support.

  • Ernesto Herrera head shot

    Ernesto Herrera


    Ernesto plays the basoon in the Pit Orchestra.  He is a senior and it's his first time playing with the Pit Orchestra.  Ernesto also enjoys playing multiple instruments, and compsing music for different ensembles.  After highschool, he hopes to join the Air Force, and eventually teach music himself.

  • Katie Martino head shot

    Katie Martino

    This is Katie's senior year at SWMHS, and she is absolutley thrilled for this show.  She loves the show and everyone that is part of it.  Even though she's not on the stage, Katie loves playing her flute and piccolo in the pit.  She wants to wish the cast and crews the best of luck, and cannot wait for this amazing show.  Best of luck guys!


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