Annie Jr. - December 10 - December 12, 2021

Sonrise Performing Youth

 Who's Who 

  • Abigail Obregon head shot

    Abigail Obregon

    as Star-to-Be, Soloist

    Abigail Obregon is 11 years old and this is her first SPY production. In this showing of Annie, she is cast as the soloist in NYC and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Abigail loves the arts and especially singing. Offstage, she enjoys soccer, learning songs on guitar & piano, drawing, and reading good books. She's so excited to perform in her first musical theater show!

  • Luke Rogers head shot

    Luke Rogers

    as Drake, Bundles McCloskey

    My Name is Luke Rogers I'm 12 years old. I will be starting my 3rd SPY Production. In Annie I play as Drake Mr. Warbucks Butler and Bundles the laundry man. I also played as a towns person in Frozen. I enjoy YouTube videos and Science when Im not practicing for the plays. Exited for all of you to see the Annie play come to life. Thank you for coming.

  • Cedrina Martinez head shot

    Cedrina Martinez

    as Mrs. Pugh

    Cedrina is celebrating her second production with SPY! She loves taking the stage and sharing her gifts all while building friendships along the way. She is a book worm by heart, a music buff, and has an enormous love for singing worship music. She is thankful for all the support and encouragement that she has been given along the way.

  • Cora Meduna head shot

    Cora Meduna

    as Sandy

    Cora Meduna is 9 years old and this is her first ever performance. She is excited to be playing the part of Sandi, the dog. Aside from acting and dancing, she loves to read, swim, camp and make art. She is grateful to all who gave their time to help make Annie happen and hopes you all enjoy their efforts!

  • Kylie Par├ę head shot

    Kylie Paré

    as Apple Seller

    Kylie Pare is 10 years old and is starting in her eighth SPY Production! In this showing of Annie she is cast as the Apple Seller. Kylie loves being on stage with some of her favorite roles being a Lost Boy in Peter Pan and the Cratchit family’s daughter in the Christmas Carol. When Kylie is off stage is off stage she enjoys drawing, guitar and cooking.

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