The Wolves - July 25

Spotlight Youth Theatre


I am the Director, Chanel Bragg, and I would like to welcome you to this exciting stream of Spotlight Youth Theatre's production of Sarah DeLappe’s, The Wolves. 
This brilliant piece of art examines a club soccer team and allows the audience to be a fly on the wall during their musings on life. We wanted our patrons to experience what current events sound like told through the lens of angsty 16-year-old teenage girls.
Even in our rehearsal process, it has been a joy to hear how our young women have navigated subjects surrounding the upcoming election, Covid-19, and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Their conversations have been both insightful and nostalgic to witness. (Especially when they think no one is paying attention.)
Our “Wolves” are a force to be reckoned with, and I am grateful to experience this work with these intelligent, fierce, and fiery young ladies. Much like the Breakfast Club’s salute to archetypes, this show satisfies delicious tropes such as the leader, outsider, rebel, the jester, etc., and jam packs them into the bodies of these teenage soccer players. Each character allows our adult patrons a chance to see their former selves reflected like a mirror on the stage.
My hope is that our show sparks a dialogue within our homes, and adult and children alike, can come together and get real about the very serious things happening in the world today. In these uncertain times, I feel that now more than ever, it is important to remain resilient and to fight to keep our beloved art form relevant. Now is the time for us to truly explore innovation and to allow ourselves to give in to the future.
Thank you for spending your evening with us.
We are the Wolves. We are the Wolves. We are the Wolves. We are the Wolves.
Chanel Bragg, Director
Artwork by Bobby Sample

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