The Wolves - July 25

Spotlight Youth Theatre



Artistic Director for Spotlight Youth Theatre

Kenny Grossman


 Managing Director for Spotlight Youth Theatre

Deb Czajkowski


 Graphic Designer

Robert Waller


Promotional Photography and Artwork

Audra Little 


Social Media Specialist

Amie Moller 



Bobby Sample



We would like to thank the designers for SYT's initial stage production of The Wolves:


Set Designer

Natalie Ward


Lighting Designer

Krystalynn Newbury


Lighting Design Assistant

Sabina Dart

Sound Design

Elizabeth Martin



Spotlight Youth Theatre Fundraising Committee:

Sara Bader, Shelly Boucher, Karen Dolyniuk, Sabrina Hurley,

Audra Little, Christa McCabe, Amie Moller, Amanda Newton,

Lisa Poormon, Kelly Swope, Karen Turner-Domakeczna, Tammy Waller


Special thanks to Clancy DeGroodt, Mark Armistead, Amanda Newton,

and Justin Sayban and the Arizona Sports Complex. 





I would like to take this moment to highlight the impeccable work by the Spotlight Youth Theatre production team. Our team has navigated through many challenges and I am so proud of everyone rallying in support of this special production. It is one of the first of its kind in our theatre community, and I have no doubt this project will allow Spotlight Youth Theatre to lead by example in such unchartered territory.


Many thanks to Kenny Grossman for the gift to direct such an important and relevant piece. (The Wolves will forever hold a special place in my heart.) I also want to thank Kenny for his firm desire to hire a predominately women-led team. (Girl Power!)


Sincere thanks to our videographer and editor, David Watson, for the tireless hours he spent making this video possible.


Special thanks to two amazing stage managers, Maria Cruz and Falin Ossipinsky. Without them, the undertaking of this production would have been impossible. Both of these young women are organized and intelligent creatives. I am so lucky that our future is bright in their hands.


Much thanks to Braxton Carhart, our incredible soccer coach, for teaching our girls new skills. I also want to thank our fitness coach Barbara Winch, for helping our girls build stamina.


Brenda Goodenberger, thank you for your artistry and the level of verisimilitude you bring to such a complex character.


To my lovely, sassy, intelligent, beautiful, kind, sarcastic, and funny Wolves: We have become a family. You will look back at this experience and you will remember what being on stage vs. what being on Zoom feels like. You will live in two worlds having an appreciation for the past, with your feet firmly planted in the future. I can’t give you back your missed sweet 16 celebrations, proms, graduations, and vacations…But what I can give you is my sincerest gratitude and unending love.


Lastly, # 00, 2, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 25, and 46, you all have created a sisterhood that surpasses this production. I am excited to see how you continue to take care of each other, and continue to deepen the bonds of our pack. We are the WOLVES!


Chanel Bragg, Director

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