Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - November 08 - November 10, 2018

Terryville High School Drama Club


The THS DRAMA Club knows that we would not be able to do any of this without the support of so many people. And, while we may miss a few and apologize for that, we want to let everyone know that we do appreciate all those who support us. We would like to thank the following:


All those who purchased advertisement spots and tickets; these represent our primary source of revenue, which funds all our show and activity expenses.


The Plymouth Board of Education


Plymouth Public Schools' Superintendent Dr. Semmel


THS Principal Mr. Hults


THS Assistant Principal Mr. Vigliotti 


The Faculty and Staff of THS


The Parents and Guardians of all the cast and crew who drive them to and fro, and also help in so many other ways: the hemming, the trips to Savers, the meals delivered at the random times we pause to eat, and so on.


THS Art Teacher Mrs. Ritchie, who lets us wash all of our paintbrushes in her room and gives us artistic support.


THS Music Director Mr. Keane, who graciously does not mind us staging from his room or having our stuff all over the place, with the exception of concert days... we clean up nice for those!


We try to clean up after ourselves, but when you have a big mess, or need a light bulb forty feet off of the ground changed, you need to call the best professionals around: the Maintenance and Custiodial Staff of the Plymouth Public Schools.


The Business Office of The Plymouth Public Schools - they send out the checks for the supplies we use, and process all of the incoming money for shows and field trips; they really are the best!


Mrs. Malootian, for being there all of the time and helping us with whatever we need. 


A huge, standing ovation in my heart for the adults who did so much behind the scenes with sets, costumes, painting and such. All of your help has made this show really come together.


Mrs. Michelle Perkins - you are the very best! Letting Mr. Perkins be here with us is so very appreciated, as are the cookies that you send to us from time to time. Plus, we really like it when Lambert the Dog visits us during practices.  

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