Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Jr. - December 03 - December 05, 2021

The Barnstormers Theater


President's Message


Welcome to The Barnstormers. 112th season.  On behalf of the entire board I would like to thank you all for attending this show.    After a long year plus, the pendemic is finially letting up and we are able to retrun to some sort of normalcy.  We here a The Barn are proud to bring the ARTS back to Ridley Park.  And thanks to our Youth Theater we were able to remain the oldest continuously operating community theater in Pennsylvania and the third oldest in the US during the Pendemic. 


Next on our agenda will be "The Vultures", our annual appetizer and dessert murder mystery show.  Our Youth/Children Theater will be preforming "Sussical Jr. and "Lion King" this year as well. 


As we are moving forward here at The Barnstormers, we hope you will remember us in your charitable giving.  The Barnstormers is a 501.c.3 tax exempt organization.  As we are a total volunteer organization we were not eligable for any Federal COVID money, so  every penny we recieve goes to the productions, as well as upkeep of our 112 year old building.  Please consider us in your giving.  You will find in this program a donation form that you can use and return.  It includes information on giving through United Way as well.


So don’t just stay home this year, come out, laugh and enjoy some live theater and help support the arts as well.


L. J. “Buzz” DiSabatino

President, The Barnstormers


The Barnstormer History

The Barnstormers is the oldest continuously operating community theatre in the state of Pennsylvania and the third oldest continuously operating community theatre in the United


Before The Barnstormers organization was created there was a loosely formed group that produced skits, musical, and minstrel shows for their own amusement and diversion. Their activities were originally held on the second floor in Ward's Hall on Hinckley Avenue at Sellers Avenue. This was the only place in the Borough where dancing and public functions could be held. Their first performance was The Arabian Nights presented on January 22, 1909. Production in those days was not always a full two or three-act play. On May 13, 1910, the first public performance was held, previous performances being limited to club members only. The stage of the playhouse originally had no wings, entrances, or exits. Rugs would be hung as backdrops and lace curtains used to represent windows. Rehearsals were held in private homes.

The Barnstormers currently produces up to six shows a year, with the season running from July until May. No longer limited to the local community, The Barnstormers has participating directors, cast, crew, and volunteers from all parts of the tri-state area.  The Barnstormers also have a rich history of winning both State, Regional and International Play competitions.

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