The Last Days of Judas Iscariot - January 09 - January 11, 2014

The Beacon School


Danielle Moreau for loaning us your classroom, your clothes, and your extensive knowledge of bible stories. Rachel Rattcliffe for her patience, her classroom, and snacks. Moma Branam for magical baked goods and Luke, of course. Natasha Joseph for being so dang helpful. Sam Dobro for baking and selling things. Andrea’s friends for eating McDonald’s so we could have your wrappers. Alessandra Maria Cowan-Krause for being awesome and loving us even when we were crazy kids. Mr. Dillulo for being so flexible with the AP Calc schedule. Mike Cimato for the Apostle’s crosses and rosaries. Ms. Lacey & Mr. Streep for their unyielding support of our program. Abby Picardo for paying the bills. Frank Willow Rodgers for help with the printing. Nica Lalli, Erdene Green, Pauline Toole and the Beacon Parent’s Association for helping fund our incredible teaching artists and making this production possible. Judy Moore for her constant support. The School of Visual Art for the upcycled lumber. Paul Gambino for the generously donated supplies. Dale Lally, Wendy Waring and the Production class for sharing and support. The Freshman Project and super star Andrzej Zabicki for their patience and big big love. Lilli Wosk and the choir for sharing kids and space and love. Dimi and the custodial staff for letting us stay late an on weekends to keep working long after hours. Lev Moscow for letting us park things in his classroom. Christine Patterson for being amazing. Kathleen McNealy for Leslie, sage wisdom, and donuts. The Compos Family for Alex, and props. Sasha Krolokoff for the donated lighting equipment. The security staff for supporting our work and protecting our house. All of our families, advisories and friends and significant others. We miss you too! ATA, T1, Freshman Drama for making room, helping out and being rock stars. And countless B’DAT at large students who helped make this production possible.

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