Caroline, Or Change - March 19 - March 28, 2015

The Beacon School


Mr. Streep, Ms. Lacey, Ms. Oldre & the rest of the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work in the drama studio without censorship.


Judy Moore, Frank Willow-Rodgers, Danny & Chun for administrative support, help with printing, marketing, computers, paper, space, moral support and big love.


Dimitri and Beacon the Building Maintanence team for letting us stay late, come in on weekends, use their slop sink, their pipe cutter and anything else we've ever asked for. We are the luckiest and most grateful for your support. 


Brian Letiecq for sharing gear, personel and love. 


Dale Lally & McB for sharing crews, cubes and everything else inbetween.


Rachel Rattcliffe, John Linsky, Denise Lee, Sarah Fink, Daniel Guralnick, Rebecca Daczka and Danielle Moreau for permitting B'DAT to share your teaching space afterschool and for forgiving us when we left a mess (or a love note for you, on the boards). 


Mary for letting us borrow her lovely coatrack.


Jane Huber for Caroline's porch chair. 


B'DAT Show Choir, Freshman Project for stocking bake sales with epic yumminess and helping us raise duckets for costumes and supplies. Beacon Theatre Studio Classes for helping assemble seating and then always being the first butts in seats when the house opens!


Anna Savant and the Drama Department at Heschel for loaning the 1940s Radio.


The Brennan Family, for Addy, but also for having most of these period props IN YOUR HOUSE. 


Melanie Liss for leading us to Dylan. We're never giving him back. Sorry Packer. 


Emily Arancio for introducing us to her wonderful brother Trust, and their mom Ann Dowd for making just enough time materialize for him to be part of our play.


All of the caregivers, parents and siblings who shuffled and waited around while Dylan and Trust got to play with the big kids. Your faith in them, and us, is so appreciated. 


Isaac Brune for having the coolest father, letting us hang out with him, and then helping out.




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