Chess (UK Version) - November 09 - November 10, 2018

The Belfry Club of Germantown Academy


Act I (continued)  
Act II  
Scene 1: Streets of Bangkok
One Night in Bangkok  
Freddie, Arbiter & Company
Scene 2: Bangkok Hotel
You and I  
Florence & Anatoly
Scene 3: Russian Suite
The Soviet Machine  
Molokov & Russians
The Deal, part 1  
Arbiter, Molokov, Svetlana
Scene 4: Television Studio
Interview/The Deal (cont.)  
Freddie, Anatoly, Svetlana, Florence, Molokov, Arbiter
Scene 5: The Cartesian Theatre of the Mind
Pity the Child  
I Know Him So Well  
Svetlana & Florence
Scene 6: The Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Talking Chess  
Anatoly & Freddie
Scene 7: Chess Arena: Bangkok-- final game
Freddie, Molokov, Svetlana, Florence, Anatoly & Company
Scene 8: Bangkok
You and I Reprise  
Anatoly & Florence
Florence & Company

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