The Drowsy Chaperone - March 16 - March 19, 2017

The CharACTers, Inc.


Crew Members  
Cody Carlton and Skylar Wheat  
Music Directors  
Cody Carlton and Amanda Russell  
Choreographed by  
Catherine Copeland, Emily Cothran, Annie Waldrop, & Ensley Williamson
Stage Manager  
Debra Whittaker  
Costume Designer  
Molly Page  
Prop Manager  
Debra Whittaker  
Lighting Designer  
Brandon Vick  
Scenic Designer  
Cody Carlton  
Makeup and Hair Designer  
Jordan Kendrick  
Scenic Painting  
Shanna Wilkinson and Grace Wilkinson  
Set Construction  
Michael Copeland, Daniel Henson, Ken Staeck, Seth Williamson
Poster Design  
Santana Carlton  
Show Photographer  
Brooke Bikneris  
Sound Board Operators  
John Cardy, Ryan Edwards
House Manager  
Molly Page  
Spot Operators  
Tommie Goggans, Evan Green, Cody Staeck,
Spencer Wheat,

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