Theater 29


Romance and Failure, in No Particular Order by Josh Berkowitz

Josh Berkowitz’s multiple years designing and curating site-specific performances compounds its way toward this piece to be experienced on June 26. His interest in John Cage’s chance process and object-to-sound work helps to compose this experiment along with Steve Paxton’s pedestrian movement. Before leaving the Los Angeles contemporary dance scene, Berkowitz became obsessed with creating junk sculptures made of paint brushes  that he could either jump over as if it were an Olympic sport or just smash with a hammer. In effect, anything and everything from grappling with Jewish identity through Bar Mitzvah memories to the study of sugar cereal commercials will be investigated with the help of old-fashioned tape recorders and body-mind’s interacting directly and inadvertently in space. 


The Chicken Flies at Night by Lisa Wagner Erickson

In the opening scene of Lisa Wagner Erickson’s full-length play, two sisters arrive in a horse tunnel after a harrowing journey from Over There to Around Here. After a horse who owns the corner store takes them in, the sisters try to piece together what has happened along the way and what got lost in the unrelenting wind.


Nest by Elizabeth Faraci

Come into the trees, surround yourself with the comforting sound of birds, and add your sense of home to our giant nest by weaving in strips of cloth, wrapping it with yarn and twine, and painting its branches. Then, personalize your own egg to add to the dynamic nest slowly emerging. The eggs represent not only our individual uniqueness, but also our vibrant, colorful community, coexisting, collectively protecting and anticipating what is soon to hatch; something each person will be able to take home at the end of the event. 


Nothing is special by Elizabeth Faraci

This series of 30"x40" photographs magnifies and brings attention to frequently unnoticed objects and surroundings. Although these nature scenes are inherently modest, the photos have been further simplified to black and white to fully showcase their layers, composition, elegance and charm.


Recuerdo by Ellen K. Graham

In Ellen K. Graham’s short play, “Recuerdo,” an engineer, a scientist, and the kindest AI in the universe spend their final minutes adrift in a small spacecraft, dangerously close to an almost-dead star.  Time will erase us, our memories, and the machines we built to preserve them: when  "after" comes, what will emerge from the stardust? 


Guided Meditation by Ellen K. Graham

At the Emergence event, Ellen will also be leading attendees in a guided meditation wherein we unbury ourselves and come out into the light.


What Will Emerge? by Joe Marci

"There is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have. Find it." - Adrienne Marie Brown, Emergent Strategy. Join Joe Marci for an afternoon of harvesting the pedestrian and unscripted and participate in creating something with stride.



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