Frozen Jr. - April 17

Trinity Middle School

 End Notes 


To the cast of TMS's production of Frozen Jr.,


This production has been one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. We feel lucky to have met and worked with each and every one of you and look forward to continuing to work with some of you in future productions. Music education is our shared passion, and the joy of music making never ceases to bring meaning to our lives. 


You have worked so hard with so little time to produce something very special, and you should be in awe of what you have accomplished. 


In the midst of pandemic, we would like to state that this show is being produced exactly how it was meant to be, filled with joy, talent, positivity, energy, and fun. As it says in the final song of the show, you have managed to "fill the world with light and love" through your performance.


We are proud of you. We are blessed to know you. We are your biggest fans.



-Mr. and Mrs. H

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