Disney's Descendants - March 04 - March 06, 2021

Warren Central High School

 End Notes 

Notes from the Producer:


When I graduated from The University of Mississippi in 2014, I never would have imagined being able to add "teaching during a global pandemic" to my resume. Nevertheless, here we are. This has definitley been a whirlwind of a school year. To say that I am proud of this production is a huge understatement. The cast, crew, and directors have put in so much hard work and passion into this show, and I think you will see that when the curtains open.


I want to give a huge thank you to my fellow directors. I'm certain that the old adage "it takes a village" was first spoken by a high school musical director. It really does take a dedicated group of individuals to put on the quality production we do here, and we have the best group of directors in town. To Ms. Fairchild, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Wong, Mr. Gullet, Ms. Beth, and Danielle - thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I want to give an extra special thank you to my co-director and partner in crime Sam Lovorn. Working with you these past 4 years has been one of the highlights of my career. You have brought such joy and passion to not only the choral department but the school as a whole. We could not put on the high-quality productions here at WCHS without you, so know that a simple "thank you" will never be enough.


To the cast and crew, you should be so proud of this production. To put on a show during a pandemic, schoolwide construction, and an ice storm is no small feat. And you have not only met every expectation, but you have far surpassed them. I am extremely proud of the cooperation, mutual respect, the level of commitment, and the teamwork that has been demonstrated by everyone involved in this production.


To my seniors - it's always a bittersweet occasion seeing you take your final bow on the stage. Watching you grow into fine young adults over the past four years has been a privilege.


Alex - I've always known you're a star; I'm glad you're finally seeing it yourself


McLaurin - Be gone black eyebrows; a true beauty shines on the stage today.


Morgan - May your magic always shine brightly in this world.


Sarah - The winner of Miss Teenage Hairspray is still making an impact.


Brelynn - A true dancing queen; never give up on your dreams.


Keishun - The world will try to keep you down; don't let it.


Amoiree - You've got big things coming your way; embrace life and live.


Abby - I'm so glad to have met you. Your talent is awe-inspiring. Shine on.



With love,

-Mr. Johnson


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