Peter Pan Jr. - February 22 - February 24, 2019

Warrensburg-Latham High School

 Production Crew 

Crew Members  
WLHS Drama Director/Producer  
Laura Philips  
Peter Pan Jr. Director  
Morgen Mosley  
Music Director/Choreographer  
Sabrina Behrends  
Assistant Director  
Brianna Cowser  
Vocal Coach/Choreographer  
Anastasia Tomanek  
Laura Philips, Sabrina Behrends, Morgen Mosley
Set Design  
Jacob Manning  
Set Construction/Painting  
Jacob Manning, Wayne Charron, Scott Magruder
Lighting Design  
Laura Philips, Morgen Mosley
Directors, Parents, Cast, Crew
Costume Design  
Laura Philips  
Costume Construction  
Laura Philips, Katie Lynch, Alisha Chalmers-Musgrave, Christy Rau, Amy Wagner, Mackenzie Chalmers, Cheyenne Wendell, Carolyn Kelley, Abby Urquhart
Stage Manager  
Jason Edwards  
Stage Left & Right Managers  
Cheyenne Wendell, Alyssa Philips
Tech Crew  
Jason Edwards, Emily Lyon, Rachel Smith, Connor Butts, Gavin Butts, Allanna Hayes, Kain Bobbitt, Alex Matthews, Jena Sams, Jaydi Wagner, Sam Dyer, Heather Fielden, Claire Glosser
Makeup & Hair  
Sabrina Ferrill, Laura Philips, Morgen Mosley, Brianna Cowser, Mackenzie Chalmers, Jaycie Edwards, Jena Sams, Courtney Cycotte-Gaither
Video Technician  
Kelley Mosley  
Emily Lumsden, Levi Horvath  
Debbie Moster  
Ticket Sales  
Pam Edwards  
House Manager  
Courtney Cycotte-Gaither  
Concession Manager  
Debbie Moster  
Jena Sams, Melanie Allen, Jaycie Edwards
Light Booth  
Mitch Behrends, Alex Philips, Sam Hughes, Matt Philips
Cast Photo Display  
Brianna Cowser, Mackenzie Chalmers

Special Thanks to

Parents, Cast, Crew & WL Staff for all the “Little” extras!!!

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